Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Writing season has arrived

It has been far too long, months and months in fact. The last time I attempted poetry was back in November, as I’m sure anyone who’s kept track here will notice. This month I hope to bring my reader(s) at least five brand new and very different poems.

So, why has it been so long I hear at least one whisper out there ask, in short, finishing college and a lack of self esteem, rejections obviously hit harder than a curve ball in the chest. This week I’ve tried new themes of poetry, and some old, all in the sole aim of bringing my skills forward and thrilling anyone who comes across the name Realmskipper on the internet, which I’ve noticed has generated quite the buzz.

What have I found to inspire this month’s theme of poetry? I admitted that there was a new theme this month, or at least an attempted one. I can say that as I’ve been teaching myself piano with all my free time, it is actually all things that give us Rhythm, as just rhythm is too narrow. This includes; love, life and of course, our passions.

I look forward to taking all my readers on a journey, and as always thanks for finishing this article. Leave your thoughts and maybe suggestions for what you’d like to see more of in the future!

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