Sunday, 3 April 2011

Life on the Line

I thought seeing as I haven’t posted in a long time It was about time I let my readers discover the dirty secrets of what I’ve been up to.

But where do I start? I can never call my life quiet, despite having no social life, at least in person.

Alright, let us start at the beginning, it seems only logical January arrived in the form of exams, which if I haven’t mentioned already, were a nightmare, I doubt I did much in the way of productiveness at that point except work myself to the bone catching up with college work. I may be alone in saying; I don’t enjoy something until I find myself in a steady yet fast paced grind at it, naturally that’s my addictive personality shining through. But as February dawned I achieved that mountain and caught up with my classmates, surprising a few teachers along the way.

February, I briefly mentioned with my visit to Bangor, the ringing of that inspiration carried me through the whole month in my first quarter (as I describe Jan-Mar for obvious reasons).

March has been an incredibly Jam packed month full of highs and lows to suit all varieties; this is where bullet points are invaluable people!

  • Exam results- Remember January? I sure do! I improved all my grades, in short, Maths (one module in both years) and Chemistry saw me receive D’s and in French the Holy Grail (to me), a C.
  • Second point of interest would be receiving a rejection letter for my poetry book Chon-Ji from Carcanet. It wasn’t entirely unexpected, but it’s never a step in the wrong direction, even rejection is a step forwards.

Okay, hopefully someone’s still following, we hit mid march with preparation for my two French orals in April, and at the same time the distractions, yay!

  • Learning the finer points of chess, I became tired of being spectacularly beaten every time I play, and so I’ve been practicing so much I’ve found it easier to leave my board out, have I improved?...Have I hell, but I’m enjoying it nevertheless.
  • And of course, the unproductive distraction, Pok√©mon! A little friendly competition against my sister keeps me going back for more when I know it’s naughty.
  • We reach the end of march with my reading list, very short, but shall do better once the exam periods are over. 1001 Arabian nights, I thought was amazing, so vibrant and heart touching I could feel the sand and retell the stories to everyone around (which I have done once or twice), Currently I’m reading the complete works of the Brothers Grimm to my sister, who is enjoying then, though not as much as I
  • finally I bring you steady reader to March 31st a Thursday I kid you not, bringing the cloak of death upon my household and taking away my dear dog, He shall be missed

Now looking ahead, I see vain attempts at writing again in the future, but when I know not, for I don’t have a crystal ball but I do know you will all hear from me soon enough, but Until then, thanks for reading!