Saturday, 29 January 2011

The writer, The surroundings

It may not be evident to all, hence this latest article, that the writer’s main source of motivation is his/her surroundings. I pose a question to you, if you will indulge me, where was Dracula written? And where were the Bronte sisters said to write? And Charles Dickens, each to their own place, and to their own style and success.
I suppose this has been inspired to my day, and as I write, this is my outlet. Bangor university open day, to the everyday student, not exactly glamorous. Just a backwards little city in North Wales, in fact, I felt as I neared its boundaries, that its tranquillity and serene scenery are something to be admired by anyone with eyes. Two geographical things that motivate me to write, between you and I, The mountains, never a problem to find in Wales I assure you, and bodies of water, preferably salt, not so common here. Each writer will have something different to my own preferences, and I advice you to take full advantage of them, it is one’s natural feng shui.
So what was it about Bangor that inspired me to contribute to this old thing again? Bangor is surrounded by the steepest, mountains I have ever seen, not the biggest mind you, the Maine straight is right on the doorstep to the university. And almost everywhere you go you have open woodland, the college gardens and I could almost feel the happiness resonating from the students, not something I’m accustomed to!
So, writers out there, if you want to be inspired, don’t restrict your feng shui to your house, don’t simply take up an exercise plan or increase your caffeine dosage to stupid extremes: take a day out to visit somewhere truly beautiful and quet. Any writer worth their quill will know that feeling from a place that creates total peace within them.
Look out for me soon, I hope this will be the first in a long line of profound thoughts.