Monday, 8 August 2011

Mask (poem)

Unveiling my latest theme of poetry you can touch, I bring to you the poem Mask. I hope you all enjoy it, it is certainly emotive to read.

Life is just a ball-
A masquerade, if you will.
At the door. We take off
Our cloaks, and put on
Fake faces, capes as well.
Business is only a dance-
Where men in suits
Court men in suits.
The boss- obviously
A Ballerina from birth.
Love is blind- so they say.
Yet why do vanities,
Luxuries, get in the way?
Oh look little spider-
That mate won’t even
Eat you up.
Death is just a door-
An unveiling, if you will.
Where we take off our masks,
And let you know what
A great pretender you were.


  1. I have an exactly mask as that one that you have post. the grey mask
    and by the way that poem was fantastic i really like it

  2. The last lines-- "Where we take off our masks and let you know what a great pretender you were"... why is it that 'you' are knowing what a pretender you were, but it is 'we' who have been un-masked?

  3. I agree'we' would be a good alternative, I used 'you' because I was aiming for the image of bidding goodbye to someone at the end of a ball, while keeping the Rhythm in check.It would depend entirely on which view point the reader would wish to take.