Tuesday, 6 November 2012

The sanity of silliness

So, entering my second year of French with English literature, and I have to ask myself, just how do I keep my sensibilities under all this work (made even harder by having to take time out to get my first Dan black belt in October), and also while wondering if I’ll ever get to work on the Realmskipper saga again soon?
                Well, the answer is, it’s the toons that keep me sane, no I jest not, I don’t talk to them, and I assure you, they don’t ask me to. Watching these figments of another’s imagination allows me to escape the universe I happen to be plonked in, and wander the glittering alleyways of another. The human brain is not a machine, and I never believe it should be treated as such, the least of my reasons is a abhor headaches.
                Are there any other ways, one might ask, of putting down the goblet of pressure, and brain ache of real life? Yes! Many writers subscribe to a healthy fitness regime, myself included.
Consider the following next time you feel the wear and tear of thorny life, or if you feel your wanderings becoming aimless and wholly unsatisfying:
·       -  Martial arts
·        - Cardio workouts
·        - Yoga
·         -Quidditch (The most ancient and silliest of wizarding sports)
·        - Cartoons
·        - Cooking something tricky but fabulous tasting
·        - And many more, leave me some suggestions!
Well, while I have to attempt to make coherent sense of why museums are instruments of political power in the fifth republic of France (which isn’t entirely boring) I’ll leave you all to go out and make your masterpieces, ciao.