Tuesday, 17 June 2014

A Bucket of Coffee and some hope

         Hello again, welcome back to my rather sporadic installments of the life of a young Author. The title of this entry speaks volumes more than some of my earliest blog posts in that I've summed up everything I will say and more in those few words. I've returned to Britain, this would be the main reason for the lack of updates; I've also passed over my birthday with minimal pain, receiving some very unusual and amazing gifts, and also some thoughtful ones. Now I’m back on the war path to getting my work out there, earning some money and working on my languages (and catching up on the news).
            My last days in Lyon are a good place to start, let’s just say, I’d not do them over. The city itself is beautiful, certainly if you are looking for a city break and some inspiration, it’s the place to go; however, as the seasoned traveller knows, it’s not the place alone that is important, the people make the place. I left behind a lot of fond memories and some good Friends in France, and I’m sure it will not be the last I hear of them. The last night I spent in Lyon was passed with an amazing friend was passed out on the town and watching videos until sunrise, then messing around in a small park with a panoramic of the city at sunrise. Nothing I’ve done so far could beat that.
            I took the train to Paris, it was both an unpleasant ride and less than welcoming day, but I visited the
Pok√©mon centre under strict orders from my sister, so after waiting in the rain, witnessing a crash and a guy being hit by a taxi, I finally got in. The wait wasn’t completely unpleasant, there were many friendly people there, and having the language I felt right at home conversing with other fans, swapping and changing 3DS friend codes and stories. The rest of my trip consisted of accumulating my other best friends and visiting the main attractions of Paris, I met a fun chap from London on my second day, visiting the Eiffel Tower on foot, and by chance, the house of Japanese culture, which was exhibiting a great display of Evangelion swords and drawings. Sadly, although we tried, we didn’t have time to see everything. My final night was fabulous, having both of my best friends together for the first time and going out for a gorgeous meal and seeing the Eiffel tower all lit up.
            I was pleased to watch ‘A Young Doctor’s Notebook and other stories’ after such a long wait, which turned out to be well worth it. I’ve recently gotten my hands on a few pieces written by Mikhail Bulgakov, after hearing Daniel Radcliffe praise his works in an interview that I watched, I knew it was something I had to read. When I find time to read, you can count on a review from me, I certainly hope and expect not to be disappointed by this author.
            So the next question, is this young author writing? Yes, he, or rather, yes I am. Editing is a slow process, but it’s getting there, I’ve also tried collaborating on a new project with a friend of mine, though it’s still too early to say if we will have any success at this point.
            Finally, back to reality, I have a new computer on the way, it’s not my dream one, but it cost enough that I’m satisfied that it’s going to last me for another half a decade at least. I also hope that with this and my new, very reliable phone, that I’ll be ready to tackle marketing at last, something which I still have very little idea how to do. Sitting around with a coffee in one hand, two language on either arm of the chair and a laptop where it should be, let’s see if I can dig my way into public knowledge, rather than be underfoot. Remember to support your new writers, £5 for my book will support me while writing my next one and while studying at university!
Until next time, read, write, live.

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