Friday, 27 August 2010

Free Verse poem one

Okay, I admit it, I've been super lazy this month, august is formally my detox month of the stress that the other 11 months drag me to. almost no work has been done, what so ever! However reading though myrestored edition of Sylvia Plath's Ariel. I've had inspiration once more, so here it is, untitled but somthing brief I've jotted down (Like most poems I write when I'm not trying to work:

Breach the seal surrounding my sanctity
Does it terrify?
The hollow shriek of long forgotten feet-
Still hanging by.
Into my passage you, the pilgrim sweeps
His little eye
Over my treasures so divine, tell me,
Do they beautify?

What remains of I? Why I can’t speak
I’ve never known you, for a second
Yet you know all my secrets, thinks I.
You always were so presumptuous.

Digging at my bedside these thirty-nine
Years, and of course six months, oh yes divine.
You never did answer me, when you
Saw my glassy glazed eyes.
Do I horrify?

Monday, 16 August 2010

The importance of being Earnest

Not just a great play of the 20th century, but also a fact of everyday life. I’ve neglected my duty to entertain you all for the last two weeks for personal, if not selfish reasons, so before I begin I ask you all to forgive me, and of course, hear me out.
I’ve spent the last two weeks in what the armature would refer to s a creative slump. In fact there is no end to the boundless expanses of my imagination, or a cap on my potential talents. Where have I been? My small but loyal, loving audience cry!
I have been doing three things I call back. Firstly I have been resting, it is an essential part of writing, no one can work indefinitely without stopping, and I am no exception. Truthfully ,my body determines by itself when and for how long I work, the brain just comes along for the ride.

Second and third points tie in directly together. I have been should searching. Yeah I know, philosophy nonsense. Well I have a great respect for philosophy, but this wasn’t in that context. Recently I have retaken an old love of mine, martial arts, I’m currently a 5th cup (blue stripe) in Taekwondo, and it remains a deep passion of mine. September 19th is my next grading date to earn my blue belt, what I have aimed forever years of study and training.
In this time I’ve been evaluating ’who I am’ and how I’ve grown to be myself. Dozens of people have made it into my ’role model’ list, bearing in mind, most of them English teachers, but also some friends and even my martial arts instructor have made the cut in my mind, these people have survived life, done what they love and are happy, how can complain I am trying to do the same!

I’ve also determined they are all amazing people for doing this, and that it was hard for them. Also I know for a fact, doing it alone, as I am is even harder; as any writer will tell you.
So in short this month my main point is, though I’m battered, bruised and incomplete in some aspects, with room to grow, improve; and certainly mature. Is that all these people; these wonderful, rough, intelligent, and thousands of other adjectives, and nouns, concrete and abstract, have made me who I am fighting to be and am already a little piece of.

Pretty darn amazing myself. And I know you all are too, just for being honest with yourselves.