Monday, 26 July 2010


Like everyone else I need to unwind from time to time. Whether it be by cooking, cleaning, exercising or even watching a film, it’s all good. Personally I don’t take days off for myself, obvious enough by my continuous complaints of fatigue and stress. However; today I’m pleased to say,

I took a day off to myself after a three day orgy of writing. Naturally I deserved it for completing another chapter of my novel, which by the way is making slow but sure progress for those interested.

My day off consisted of;
• 6 hours sleep
• 2 Films
• 2 hours of gardening
• Cooking lunch (honey and mustard glazed chicken)
• Cleaning
• And writing this blog post

So it seems I can not just ‘take a day off,’ maybe the rest of a workaholic is to do less demanding work, personally this is the least stressed I’ve been for months, and finally feel happy with the way things are going; a great achievement my closest friends will cry.

So, not to focus on word count; thankfully topping one hundred words, I leave with this thought, 'Today may be a peaceful one in my life, but tomorrow I’ts time to get back to the grind.'

Until next time, don’t forget to unwind.


  1. What a wonderful reminder! Physical and mental rest is always needed so that progress can continue to be made. Hope your ink well has been replenished. Happy Writing! <3

  2. What exactly does define "a day off"? Wouldn't it be a day when you do nothing but sleep? And who really manages to do that?
    I think it doesn't matter what you call the day. Important is how you feel a day. Was it good, bad, stressful, peaceful?
    I have had days at work that made me feel like having a day off. I guess the answer is in ourselves.

  3. Destressing is always a good idea. Going too long without doing that tends to lead to simple mistakes that you know better than to make (OK, OK, that *I* know better).

  4. When I have to much free time I just become lazy and I veg out every single day - after about three days I just freak out.

    But I guess it's normal for most of normal people ;) We are normal, so don't worry, haha!

    What films did you watch??

    Preparing lunch... In my case it can be dangerous - once I blew up an egg in my microwave oven. It was boiled earlier and I don't like cold eggs so I wanted to warm it up a little... I guess my sense of "a little" is much different than my microwave's sense...

    I hope your kitchen is still in one piece ;)

    Hugs from Poland