Friday, 9 July 2010

Writer's tips: motivation

As my family and personal friends know, I’m a big sci-fi fanatic. I adore the old Voyager and star trek series, among many others. However what’s this doing in an article about writer’s tips? Before you ship me off to an institute I will explain, this article involves motivation and inspiration: two key things a writer can not be without.
There are many ways that writers energize themselves to create that liquid gold that fills our pages every day, caffeinated drinks. J.K. Rowling commented that she drank an excess of coffee while writing her award winning Harry Potter collection, and indeed I myself find this to be a good tool too. Journalists through the media are conveyed to drink an unhealthy amount of that dark liquid which a great many writers love.
However there are a million ways to find the energy, apart from staining your teeth and reeking of coffee beans all day. Here are my top 10 tips gathered from experience and deep thought.

  • High energy music, with extra speed
  • Coffee, preffered iced cappuccino
  • Excercise, a martial art coupled with aerobics
  • Sci-fi or fantasy films/ or of your own interest, prefered with a good script
  • A healthy appetite for literature

Here are my first five, obviously and wiz will know five more are to follow. First let me explain these five. These five so far are from my own experience, since putting these together I’ve had more energy than ever.
Following on with the list:

  • 10 hours of sleep a night
  • Minimal amounts of alcohol per week, if not at all
  • A little progress every day
  • A tidy room makes for a broadened mind

Plenty of distractions!

The last point sounds odd, how can distractions help you to progress? Simple! To ignore the distractions you must focus harder on the task in hand, meaning the most important thing on your schedule: writing.
If any of this has been helpful let me know, and I hope to share more of my experience with people soon.

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  1. Thank you for the tips. Writers are always looking for something to keep them on top of their game. Your tips should provide that.