Friday, 12 August 2011


Something a bit more romantic lines up for you all today. This month's theme has definitely been one of the hardest to pull off, having to channel my creativity in a single direction. I really liked this one, as it can been seen as shyly romantic, or mildly erotic, depending on which way your mind works, (I as the writer take no responsibility for this). I simply hope you enjoy reading this as I did writing it.


Here we sat, sticky fingered

Eating creamed buns and

Soggy sweets.


I smelled the sugar

On your tongue- whispered

Come on in, touch me-

Who knows where it may lead?


The park bench pinched

My rump, I think yours too,

Why else would you

Fidget so?


Your breast rose high,

And wouldn’t return to rest.

All I want is that gasp,

Your fresh sugar breath,

The rush will surely

Go- to my head.

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