Thursday, 18 August 2011


I must confess to being a tad delicate today, but who can blame me after the summer I've had? I've passed a driving test, written a novel and of three hours ago gotten accepted into Bangor university to study English with French for four years; another step up on my career ladder. So here is today's poem, I hope you all enjoy it.



Your Sculptured skin

All marble white-

With little bumps

Little nooks, sheen

Always so bright.


I remember-

Finger pressed touch

The shivering tingle-

Down my spine.

Beat that heart of

Stone- lips of limes.


Rough touch, slight taste

Little flakes of snow

I’ve loved them so.

How I thanked mum,

For bringing them home.


Spring draws near,

I feel an end,

That disappear

Spring will come.

Unfreeze water.

Another year of

Forlorn summer.

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