Thursday, 21 July 2011

Poem of Quartets: Inspiration

Something nice and simple today, about something all us writers can't get enough of. how did I think of this one? Well believe it or not I had a mixture of Katy Perry's California girls, Peter Pan and this month's theme in mind, not to mention whatever else I've now forgotten. So here it is, get inspired!



Let me take you on a journey,

Please extend your little hand.

Together we will slip gently

Into the maybe wonderland.


Music of the mind, meld lovely

Scenes of films, dressed in dust suits.

All along they were hidden away

They freshen up with your memory soaps.


Here the land of inkwells, no computers,

Nor biros in this land. Here we fly

With pirates and boy catchers,

Locked in battles, we pass them by.


Through the window, without a broom

Here is your next adventure to tell,

You saw it, yes the little Jay

On the ledge of your old bedroom.

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