Friday, 8 July 2011

Sarah, a loose sonnet

Sometimes we all look back at our experiences and ask, what if? Well earlier this week, I stumbled upon that question when thinking about a girl, as most men do. I looked at where I am today, and wondered if I'd ever really gotten over that old heartache, the conclusion: probably not.
The first piece I produced to get my back into my old writing habits is titled and written about someone who was always out of my league, and probably always will be.


I surround myself with all pretty things,
I enjoy each time your face hides within,
Recovering from a torment, akin
To teenage crushes, naive youth pleases
Itself calling the abstract: real. Pitiless
Sorrows still haunt memory of her; trim,
Slim, of face and mind always maturing
Clearly left me behind, I am waiting.
I surround myself with baubles that shine,
In ever imagined rapport with you
Devout of course, how else should I pass time?
You bauble, your face shines that bright blue hue.
You don’t see me of course, I'm the lowly dew
What did I expect? Never, rests my moon.

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  1. Awww the lament of the brokenhearted ... very descriptive.