Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Erotic poetry

Sometimes something, or someone catches our eye, it's only natural that we desire things. I've been watching a lot of star trek lately, so this is really a pure hearted Star Trek fan's thoughts on some of the cast. Enjoy.

Sexy Star Trek Girl


Sexy star trek girl I’ve waited so long

Temptress of five seasons, it’s wrong,

I’ve survived your skin tights and uniform

Surely you’ll be mine before it’s all gone?


Your nightdress was a jacket, not fine

Was there nothing other to wear that night?

Why do you all wrap up like Victorian Vines?

Yet without the need to shield your thighs.


Your eye’s phaser me, always on stun

You blame me for looking, though dumb?

At those hair styles, tightened buns,

Not to mention your rounded sums.


Sometimes as a telepath, or a Trill

You may be human, once in a while,

But the Borg certainly knows how to move

She would waltz that floor, swaying well.


The voice varies, from your cherry lips

The councillor, the fighter, my woman.

So where do I fit in, in this world?

At my console captain, where else?

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