Thursday, 14 July 2011

Harry Potter poem

I've seen numerous attempts at writing poetry, dedicated to he man with the lightning scar. However, I've seen very few I would call 'poetry', do offence to those less able at writing this stuff, it just requires a certain finesse which they lack. Themed poetry is possibly the hardest to write, seeing as your choice of words becomes ever narrowed by what you're trying to describe nevertheless, this is my tribute to Prof McGonagall's speech, before the final battle for Hogwarts. NB all those who have not read Deathly Hallows, please jump in a river, climb out and ask yourselves why you haven't read it before reading this!

Rage against the Voldemort


Wizarding world unite, now I speak

We stand tonight, no longer meek.

Outside Voldemort waits, creeping

Through out defences, scheming

His way inside, well we say no!


It is time to defend our school.

Young ones follow Mr Filch, no fools

For our army, Mr Creevey, you too!

Mr Potter has business here tonight.


It is time to close the doors.

Fight not for pride but for all.

I will lead the way, will you join me?

Tonight, Hogwarts will not fall!


Filius, cast your charms, Horace

Take the grounds, I will cover

The towers, now all, let’s go!

Rage against Voldemort finally tonight.

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  1. Very nice, and timed perfectly.