Thursday, 2 June 2011

How to Beat 'The Chopping Block'

Once or twice, you will put your head on the block, so to speak, and when you do you will either be short back and sides, or a little too much off the top. This interlude is really to talk about how I prepare for ‘the block’.

We all tumble upon writer’s block, more often than we’d like to admit sometimes, this phenomenon exists to separate the wheat from the chaff. Personally I have never encountered ‘the block’ for more than an hour, not due to my well of imagination, or because of the endless bollocks I can spout, (though they’re both invaluable tools). I’m talking here of course, how to knock out writer’s block, with a single blow!

I can already hear the crowd divided, ‘has he the miracle cure’, ‘he’s just another blow hart’ but NO, I kid you not people. There are two similar things you need for writing poetry and literature, firstly, and foremost, is silence! No talking children in your ear, no partner demanding a romantic candle lit dinner. The experience you’ve sat down to create for your audience will be a private and intimate date between you and your paper, whether virtual or tangible.

From this point on, simply stick on your favourite, blood pumping music, whether it be to move your soul or quicken your pulse: it’s just trial and error.

For poets

  • They say you must suffer to write, the truth is you certainly have been truly touched to find the beauty in what you convey
  • If you’re stuck, find the original source of inspiration, feel free to day dream at this juncture
  • You’re never wrong when it comes to this field, but yes there is good poetry and likewise!

For writers

· The novel is putting a bit of yourself into the world, show you through your characters, and be unashamedly judged

· This, I admit, could take years; have an unshakable dedication to what you start.

· Daydreams are your friends!

· If you know any artists, or you are a dab hand at the pencil, or modern day software, then draw, paint doodle!

· Disney has probably inspired most of our ‘modern day’ writers to some point, don’t be at a disadvantage!

This of course brings into perspective, that I myself am always inspired by many things at one time to write, whether from stress of examinations, the having a good old skive with my sister to Beauty and the Beast, if you can only take one inspiration at a time, you’ll be at your first masterpiece for a long, long time.

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  1. My friend you seem to know me so well. You've provided the answer to my query before it escaped my lips, and left it here for me to find. Thank You. You are invaluable. <3