Monday, 13 September 2010

Two Years in a Day

College, as any student will proclaim, the hardest learning curve one will partake in life; however why is it so hard? Is it the new material? We learn things every day, it’s human nature to want to grow in some shape or form: what makes this so different? Well you see, college has a significant ‘leg up’ on the competition of skills to be learned in life. It expects you to do in two years what it took five to grasp the basics of what you begged yourself to remember over five years.
How are we recommended to learn and understand the ‘Monstro,’ of information they lay upon us? Simply, balance your time and cram as much in as you can! Unfair? Personally I think so, however effective. The work on its own though any human can deal with, don’t believe me? Try a desk job.
What causes more students to break down in their second year is the applications to university, right from day one (or 272, if you count the first year) they expect you ready and willing to go. As in the famous words of Garfield the cat, who probably borrowed them from some other genius: ‘The spirit is willing, however the flesh is fat,’ in my case, I think that sums up the situation, at least metaphorically.
General opinion from teachers is rising that a third year should become statutory in colleges for preparation of the two years of intense study, (a foundation year if you will). Where a student can be taught all the basic skills they are going to need for whatever subject they will do, so it can be done to its best by everyone. I’m in agreement of this move, a little extra help in maths and learning techniques would have carried me a long way much further.
In short this foundation year would also include a basic introduction to several core subjects and new subjects for the students to have a ‘taster’ of in the hopes the drop out rate of new students will decrease.
As a student myself I feel too pushed to achieve my best, which I’m quite happy to do. There is no clear path to getting to where I want to go, yet too many ‘lighthouses in the fog’. Having to worry about; personal statements, my future finances, forms to continue receiving support form college, exam re-sits, future exam results, course research for universities is just too much to handle on my first day back!
Today I tried to cram two years of planning, theory and life into one day, tomorrow I will have to do it all over again, would you like to?

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  1. I found myself editing here. Love the topic though. I do so admire those who seek out and succeed at obtaining a formal education. It is wonderful that you are sharing your experiences. It will go a long way in helping others who are feeling the same way, and experiencing the same things. <3