Sunday, 26 September 2010

Free verse poem 2 Message in a bottle

Yes another adaption of the police's hit album, cheap, cliqué maybe, but inspired by real emotions. For someone who makes me wonder this ever hour of the day, I present my own adaption of this Free verse poem.

The waves are full of them

A glance sets off another.

That one could need a Gem

Or a hundred thousand to

Get to your beach wherever.


So this is a rough sketch

The meaning is the same,

I’ve lit the match, writ the

Book, but I ask---


Do you feel the same?


I don’t know if I reach you

You’re so far gone, yet I

Sealed it very tight

And addressed to you my dear.


Will you ever reply?


The mariner has read it,

I dare say a spaceman

Or two-

But yet none of those concern

More to me than you, you, you

I hope you see what I hath writ


The suspense is too much, reply!


Lo it washes up on your shore,

Yet no answer to me befalls,

The look of concern wipes

Across your brow, and is replaced

With a smile.


  1. I love this piece. The concepts of distance, and wonder are universal. Yet this has a fresh feel to it. As always realmskipper I am amazed at the depth of soul of someone your age. <3

  2. I like it :) Very well written. The emotions pouring out are very clear and the concept is great. A message in a bottle, hoping for the right person to read it and when they do, their face lights up. ♥

  3. I like it it shows some of your emotions that you keep bottled up. I think you should show them more.