Friday, 4 June 2010

For Plurk

Plurk, the thoughts of a veteran Plurker

This is my first blog meant for a Plurk or at least potential Plurker audience. What can I say about my first year and now officially over a half years of being a loyal Plurker myself? Well only that it has been the best parts of my day, every day each time I connect.
This has been the place where I’ve met a variety of people with a multitude of interests; from writing to designing jewellery, computer programming and video shooting. I dare say this has been one character building experience I’d recommend to the world.
Plurk for me is unique in the respect it doesn’t just accommodate the needs of those who don’t speak English, French, Spanish or even mandarin. It encourages the all to join and mingle if they want! Not Facebook, Twitter nor My Yearbook offer such a feat, despite being worldwide.
I am also surprised Plurk has shown no evidence of seeking out celebrity endorsement or even trying to fleece one person out of a penny, which I’m eternally thankful for as I don’t have a penny to my own name.

So perhaps Plurk is the solution to everyone’s problems? No, though as a site where a mélange of cultures collide, peace is well maintained. My own best friend lives half way across the world and is Mexican, something I never envisioned as a child, though have no regrets about now.
I ask myself daily what I would do without Plurk, and my answer every time? Read a book, lie on my bed, everything that suggests my total boredom and search for friendship in the vast world I’d have not fathomed without the genius which is Plurk.
I suppose on a philosophical level, Plurk is its own world, or even a heaven to some, with its own Gods protecting the system, and users. And everyone whether they be white, green, blue, purple, brown, black, have one eye or three, whether they be a sadist or Hindu, catholic or Muslim, in Plurk those differences are shed from us all and we become only a Plurker.

Now, I don’t know about you, but if I were reading this and were not a member of Plurk, I would be signing up before I finished this article. Plurk has provided for me a family or friends; where else can you find that?
Finally I just want to thank Plurk and you all for being there for me, I’ll see you all soon.

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