Thursday, 10 June 2010

Badge of Honour

As most Plurkers know already, earning badges is one of the greatest appeals of Plurk, besides the people! So what I wonder is, is there a badge for everyone? The short answer is no.
But first lets consider all the types of badge there are, the creator of a Plurk community site badge, Nirvana badge, ones for profile views and number of invites, for Plurks and responses, and my own personal favourite, the translator badge; the only one I can’t attain!

One fault of Plurk; the little people need more help in contacting the Plurk Gods!

Not that I’m complaining, I’ll save that for my emails, for now I’m still fixated with attaining the one badge I can not get, the server seems to have looked me up and down and shouted, “Next Please” and turned away. Anyway if anyone can get that sorted or maybe recommend me for the badge I think I’m deserving of it.

Are some badges more worthy of working for than others? Depends on your favourite colour, taste in pictures and furthermore, your talents. Plurk has done a wonderful job at giving everyone the chance to earn at least two badges within a day, some encouragement for those lazy men and women everywhere!
In my opinion Plurk could still be improved badge wise by having ranked badges maybe, like military style, for me that would make it more interesting.

Also a badge for having Plurks with a certain number of responses would be shockingly fun, for other plurkers to compare, who knows someone just might make a million.

A final point on badge, which I’m sure everyone who has achieved 100 asks themselves, what next? The 100 Karma badge and smilies are a great bonus, but we want more! Or at least a way of keeping it at that Holy Grail of numbers, time to improve.

Finally a call to those proud bearers of the hacker badge, congrats on the badge, but it’s time to earn your title, get inventing, creating and improving, badges give us our title but we make Plurk our home.

Thank you all!

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