Friday, 7 February 2014

Look back to remember why you’re going forwards

            Another week has gone by and therefore another post has been written, although in some hurry this week. Now I make a point to have my blog posts written well advance of when posting (especially if it’s a theoretical topic as they take some thinking about) but this one was last minute; this is because, this week I’ve felt worse than if I’d gone on holiday with a group of Germans. At the time it feels amazing, but the hangover isn’t something you want to talk about for a few years following. I’ve not been drinking, to clear that up, I’ve just been struck by a rather potent bout of influenza. However I’m nearly back to full strength again.
            This week I think it’s important to talk about how my mind has been able to look back over the last few years and realise all the efforts I’ve put into getting to where I am and how I could not have gotten here without having people I could depend on. Family, no matter how little you can see them and my friends, mostly the non-British ones have kept me on the straight and narrow in the course I’ve chosen; I suppose this means I’m dishing out a lot of Birthday presents for the next few years.
            I remember four years ago, when I started learning to write at a level that was not just considered childish fantasy; I began by learning poetry, reading different poets, different forms, and even over the last few years I’ve met many poets from around the world, much to my delight. Fiction has always been what I found hardest to write (or write well) but I’ve always wanted to go against what was natural to me and write fiction, after a few years, and many punctuation mistakes – that I still make all the time – I’m here with an editor cleaning up my multiple messes.
            So, in Eleven days from now, I hit the official launch date of my book, do I feel ready for the critics and those who misinterpret my work and disagree with me? No! But I made the commitment to start and finish this book, the edits and Nocturnal Press put their faith in it too, I suppose that means it was meant to be out there. Even now I’m working on another book (or few) to hopefully publish next year or so, we’ll just have to wait and see.
Until next time, I have a week of work to catch up on. So read, write, live.

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