Saturday, 15 February 2014

Keeping up with the times

This week will be pretty short, I have been studying, training for an upcoming grading and working more on reading for university, in short, I’ve been swamped. This week I offer a reminder that everyone needs time to rest, no matter what the deadline, what the task, the aim, you cannot do your best if you don’t give yourself time to recover from the last battle.

            I’m very fortunate that I have office 2013, once I got my head around it, using it on the move eliminates a lot of bugs that plagued previous versions of word, though I did love office 2010. I still face on a daily basis the annoyance of my web pages not displaying properly, which I have no idea how to fix and of course the rest of the world giving me it’s worst.
            My book will no longer be released next week (the 19th) but on the first of March, for any of the Welsh population who may be following me, we know that this is St David’s day, appropriate in my opinion. So for the week, set yourself a goal (like me) and keep those increments small, those battles will all build up if you fight them all at once.

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