Friday, 28 May 2010

Last Of The Month

It has certainly been an action packed month here, what about for you?

This blog is really a thank you to whoever has taken the time to read even one of my blogs and a promise that i'll produce as long as I have somthing to say.

In the comming weeks I will be reading 'Writting Poems' by Peter Samson, it looks interesting, highly recommended.

Untill then what to leave you with, hmmmmm.

List of poems to research:

Sylvia Plath
Mad Girl's Love Song
The Applicant

Emily Dickinson
various poems between 200 - 500

Philip Larkin'

recommend me some!

Seamus Heaney
Personal Heliocon
Mid Term Break
The Early Purges

Christina Rosseti
various poems

Enjoy your list, Next month I promsie there will be new and more wonderful things, in the periphery feel free to leave commetns and request somthing, I'm always happy to provide.

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