Friday, 28 May 2010

Honest Scrap

Ok wow. Simply starting a new blog and being warmly welcomed wasn’t enough for you all; you had to give me an award. In short, I’m honoured and gladly accept, Thank you Amle and Astrid Paramita I’m always going to be in awe of you both and will follow your lead for a long époque to come I hope.

So as my first award, there was a lot of confusion in accepting this, I’ve never excelled in computers, I just fix the buggers. I also hear I need to make ten he-hem ‘confessions’ though they are described as ten random facts, butter it up however you please.

Let’s see what I can come up with…….

I will occasionally listen to Baby got back – Mack Daddy (household favourite) despite not having a huge preference to the size of behind in question.

I find spelling difficult; I always have for some unknown reason.

I’m still fascinated by ‘real writers,’ whose ranks I one day hope to join.

I write better when talking to people, which I discovered when working on my novel.

I’m writing a novel, hard to believe, but for now it’s on hold for poetry.

Whenever a good or dark idea comes over me involved with writing I twitch (It’s not always stress) and with a good idea the twitch usually disappears once the idea is either complete or forgotten.

When typing, I either have the issue of typing some works backwards or not being able to hit double letters.

I can’t punctuate properly!

I become attached to people too much, though I seem to have made only 2 lifelong friends who I hope to never lose, by that I mean NEVER. But I’m sure more are developing as I write this, so don’t feel discounted, I know who you are!

I’m addicted to emoticons, msn is a bad habit but it’s the only place in the world have friends.

I’m so limited for people to recommend, otherwise there would be a million other people. But still the two mentioned above have proven their salt as veteran writers, one day, I too will join them; I hope…

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