Saturday, 29 March 2014

A drop of heavy

 It’s been a full fortnight, which prevented me writing last week. Last week, I found myself back home in Britain, visiting for my father’s birthday. Subsequently my well laid-out plans to study were ruined when I fell ill. After a day in agony, and a quick visit to A&E, I had to spend the week recuperating at home. Thank the heavens for televised documentaries and light revision.
So, what did I do during this time you might wonder; well I found myself watching about an hour of daytime television, mostly the Kyle show. After this I would usually follow it up by a program I think was called, the treasures of Ancient Egypt, a three part documentary featuring the story of ancient Egypt from the origins of its art to the Roman and Greek conquests. I feel like I took a lot from the program, but perhaps nothing that I see myself writing about in the near future.
            I also indulged in things that I enjoy most of all, Japanese cuisine and culture. I watched many programs including ones like travels in Japan, and Japan cool. I picked up a lot of things I never knew about, such as washoku and umami; the idea of traditional Japanese cuisine, which reflects both a good diet and the seasons, and another sense of taste, in addition to sweet, sour, salty, sweet and bitter. It made me yearn to visit the country where I could try shaved ice from a generation’s old family run shop. I was sorry to leave home, especially since I knew the work that I was coming back to, not to mention I did not feel like I had much of a holiday, spending most of it ill.

         This week has been pretty standard, I went to my last Français Langue Etrangère class, this Monday coming is the exam. I went to Jitsu where I managed to beat myself up, Taekwondo finished off my arm, putting me off training again this week. A positive note to add to the week, I finally got around to doing some Spanish revision, and tonight I will be babysitting a couple of lively French kids.
            Life really does take over everything, for those of you who still have not noticed, for me, I only realised this fact here. I find myself incapable of doing all the things I want to do and all the things I need to do without compromise. Even writing a blog post means I’m not doing something else, or I’m multi-tasking.
            But that’s me digressing, this week I would like to bring your attention to a writer whose ability certainly highlights my inexperience, that’s Louisa Mullerworth. Her book and facebook page, can be found here: it’s well worth stopping by if only for a look. Her latest work, ‘Dying to Help’ releases June 18th, so pre-order your copy! My own book has finally reached Amazon, (link will be below), I hope we all go and check it out.
            For this week, I am out of time; I have too many things to do which prevent me filling pages for you to read. I hope next time to target something a little more technical, as we’ve just been following me around for the month. If we have any literary topics that anyone would be interested in hearing my thoughts on, or would like to talk more about topics I’ve already mentioned, leave me a comment or send me a message from the links below. Until next time, read, write, live.

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