Friday, 24 January 2014

The right conditions

This week I'm going to step out of my depth and talk about having the right environment in which to write; or rather, the right conditions to evoke the writing condition – yeah, not my best one-liner.
            I think it’s important for a writer to have their own space in which to write; personally, I've tried lots of different environments during my years of practising the art. I've found many work for me, generally they have all had a positive atmosphere, a surplus of coffee and have been laid out to encourage positivity. Now I know you’re asking, what is he talking about? Laid out to encourage positivity sounds a little far-fetched, I know, but it’s all to do with an ancient Chinese practice called feng shui. Which is literally the art of decorating in order to encourage good energy to flow in your surroundings, or at least that’s as much as I understand as a novice to the whole concept myself.
            I have made some progress in implementing it at home, my own room has a bonsai, which I call ‘leafy’ when it actually has leaves… My very basic approach is to keep a wide open space around my desk and a few of my writing charms at hand. I eventually lose myself in my rush. When I'm out and about, I obviously can’t change my surroundings too much, but the wide open spaces of good bars and caf├ęs, typically symmetrical and full of life do more than enough for the writing buzz, especially when married with caffeine.
            Now I know, hold up a second, writing charms? I've never heard of them, what are they and why mention them now? Right? Well they’re something I've made up for myself, I'm no doubt the first, but I may well be a minority for all I know; there are all sorts of spiritual stones and such like, so why not play a trick on your mind and have objects that inspire you mean a little more than just a reminder, for me I have an earring, a necklace, a silver spoon, a pocket watch and a scarf as mine, I suppose my lamp would count, but I think I’d just not see the keyboard as well without it. Each of these things hold some significance to me, I didn't just go out and say hey I need a writing charm and this is pretty.
            I can’t really say the latter of these two topics of the day work for everyone, but I recommend arranging your working space is not something you want to be in and if out and about, then try to find somewhere that gives you all the feelings I've described here, or make sure their cappuccinos are at least worth the money you pay for them!
For now, that’s me out. Read, Write, Live.

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