Sunday, 24 November 2013


It has been a long time but I have returned! This time I bring the news that my first book, 'Mr Locke's Diary', will be released in February. Let me take you all back to where I started this blog though, a bit like the 50th Dr Who anniversary that just passed actually.

I’ve always known I wanted to write, I started when I was eight, on a series of books I’m still writing. This book was inspired my musings during a job I did over summer and my almost obsessive adoration for the music of Emilie Autumn, whose concert I saw in Nottingham before moving abroad.
My book will be available through Nocturnal Press and via me. Though my aims are to break into the retail chains with enough support from publishers and readers.
I’ve always known I wanted to write and I’ve never been short of a reason for doing it. It’s like asking a cat why it purrs, because it cannot bark, mine is similar; I think the best would be to lend a few words from John Keats, ‘the artist is the most unartistic person in the world, he is a conduit for this energy that he transforms into words’, is what I summarize from his work. In brief, I never chose to write; I always knew I was full of stories and they all had to be shared.
My Book, ‘Mr Locke’s Diary’, follows a young house maid in the service of Mr Locke who one day goes missing. She is forced to pose as a gentleman in order to save the house from bailiffs but in the process she finds she has a taste for the new found freedoms of being a young man. She discovers a dark work of seedy drinking establishments, violence and pornography, but once through the looking-glass, she can never turn back.
Her freedom is short lived and discovered posing as a man and she is locked away in the asylum for insane young ladies where her luck only deteriorates. Delusions trap her in a world made of metal, filled with soulless workers loading trolleys with boxes, where you are condemned to eternal punishment to survive in boredom. There is a box, just one will lead you out of this place. Will she choose to exist in this place forever or take the risk of leaving? We all have an ending, we just don’t know which it will be until it’s too late.
To follow my work you can go to the following sites: - Another less frequently used public profile - for articles and poetry

I hope to see you all soon. Ciao

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