Friday, 1 June 2012

A poem to say: I Miss You

This one was inspired by a number of things, boredom from editing my book for the umpteenth time, the poem 'I don't know,' by my acquaintance Nikola Madrizorv and missing my best friend Doug. So without further ado my poem:

I miss you

I miss you.
I miss the things we used to do together,
Like go to the Chinese and have rice, chips
And sweet and sour sauce every time.
That is, every time except for the last.

I miss you.
I miss our walks to all sorts of new places,
The way you’d show me everything, as if
You owned it all. The pier, hills and dive
Bars were just some of the wonders.

I miss you.
I miss cooking, having dinner with you.
The effort was more a privilege than chore.
The thrill of discovering a new recipe, and
Those sounds you make as you eat too quickly.

You miss me.
That is, I hope you think of me.
It’s only been a week, and already I want you back.
I want one more lunch, dinner, and ice cream on the pier.
One more story of your time abroad.
So I’m calling just to ask…
How are you doing, my old friend?


  1. Hi my friend!
    We haven't talk for a while, have we?
    It's nice to see you following my blog Ania's Writings, thank you!

    If you want to stay in touch, please follow my current blog which is currently in polish but I'll install a transtator somwhere there - for no you can enjoy my photos :) Don't be afraid to leave me a comment in English, I'll reply for sure.

    I'll follow your blog to keep up with your poetry. Good luck with it!

    Ps: a good and true poem my dear Skipper. It's so true that we wonder about our old friens, lovers... We cannot cancel those files of attachment from our memory hard drive, can we?

    1. I enjoy keeping up with your work, and hope you will do the same with mine, however rarely I publish nowadays. Nice metaphor on the P.s. by the way ;)

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