Friday, 11 February 2011

Juggling Time

Have you ever had so much to do you’ve left the things you love to do for months at a time? Forgotten to stop and smell the roses lately, rather than the coffee beans that is? Ever worried so hard that when you’ve just finished a small piece of that dreaded all consuming thing and you feel you’ve barely scratched the surface? No?

Well I regrettably have. Writing has been put on hold for far too long, and I can not say with good conscience it’ll be regular yet for a while, but until then this is close enough. I’m still in waiting for a publisher to get in touch with me, (who isn’t I know), and with exams imminent in just 8 weeks, I’m buried under all the things I need to do to give myself a running start at life, I’m pleased to say I’m making some progress.

But how does this affect you, you ask? Simply, no one is perfect at managing their time, but as this article should be useful, let’s see if I can give some advice from experience.

· Don’t stay up all night working, the next day it’ll hit you hard.

· An early start energises one for the day ahead.

· Coffee needn’t be your only source of energy!

· Classical music clears the mind.

So OK I cheated in the last two, it’s just my method, for prosperity, who knows, someone in twenty years will ask what kept me going. Just remember a good piece of work doesn’t write itself, though, nor does a bad one, and you can’t produce either if you’re too tired to spell your own name.

Until next time, happy writing!

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  1. I feel so busted right now.LOL Great post sweetie!